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pilot osloIn this pilot, there is a particular focus on providing cost efficient home charging facilities for inhabitants living in blocks of flats with limitations in the local grid. Most inhabitants have their own dedicated parking space inside a parking garage. Currently, the housing association has established four charging points outside the parking garage, where access to these charging points are granted through a simple booking interface. In Oslo, GreenCharge will implement charging management to ensure that total power for charging is within the grid limitations, and the site will consider integration of local solar power and assess improvements possible with stationary batteries.

Charging location
In this pilot the charging will mainly take place inside parking garage, but outside semi-quick charging will also be offered.

EV type and purpose
The pilot focusses on privately owned person cars.

Smart Charging
• How a booking system for charging services can be directed towards certain costumer segments.
• How a booking system can help predict power needs and improve load balancing.
• How the user interface and services for EV charging will work in different situations and for different user groups.

Renewable Energy Source
• How an integrated smart charging solution can balance charging of EVs with local energy usage and electricity production.

Business models
• Housing associations will can facilitate cost-efficient home-charging with limited grid capacity.
• New business models with an intelligent billing system will can increase consumer acceptance and ownership into account.