Deliverable summary

This report presents the component preparation for full-scale implementation for the Oslo pilot. The deliverable is mainly based on deliverable D2.3 Description of Oslo Pilot and User Needs and D2.4 Implementation Plan for Oslo Pilot. D2.11 and D2.18 are the “sister” deliverables for pilots in respectively Bremen and Barcelona.

D2.5 presents an overview of all the software and hardware components to be implemented at Røverkollen housing cooperative by September 2019, the purpose of each component, their initial status, test results and assessments made to whether the component is applicable for the pilot site or not.

The table below shows the sub-system roles. These are based on an overview presented in D2.3 Description of Oslo Pilot and User Needs. Each sub-system has associated software and hardware components delivered by project partners eSmart Systems and Fortum. The table also illustrates the test results for each component as follows:

  • New development (RED). The component does not yet exist and needs to be developed
  • Needs adaptation (YELLOW). The component exists but, requires final adaptation, implementation or installation to suit the project and pilot site
  • Approved (GREEN). The component is considered an off-the-shelf product and is tested by supplier in time for installation at the pilot site


The Neighbourhood energy management system (NEMS) is delivered by eSmart and consists of the eSmart Flex platform and eSmart Application Programming Interface (API). Both software components require some adjustments.

The local renewable energy source, being PV (Photovoltaic) panels, and the local battery storage, is considered an off-the-shelf product. Oslo Municipality is responsible for writing specifications and making purchases.

The Charge management system (CMS) is delivered by Fortum. The charging infrastructure must be installed at the pilot site, the Fortum Charge & Drive require some final adjustments and the Charging app must be developed. The physical charge points are delivered by Schneider, with Fortum as the responsible partner.

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