Deliverable summary

This Deliverable is about the Full-Scale Pilot implementation in Bremen. The Bremen Pilot separates into two different demonstrators:

  • GreenCharge@work demonstrator BRE 1 (PMC)
  • eCar Sharing demonstrator BRE 2 (ZET)


The used components of both demonstrators are described in D2.11 Pilot Component and Preparation for Full-Scale Pilot (Bremen). This deliverable portrays mainly the installation and configuration of the different components involved.

In the BRE 1 demonstrator, the hardware setup including solar panels, inverters, battery systems as well as the gridctrl charging infrastructure system are the central components. The gridctrl charging infrastructure system allows the user to be guided within a set of different charging stations. At the time of writing, the setup and development of this key component is delayed. The version of the system that currently exists can:

  • Provide charge services with fixed grid power limit
  • Aggregate charging session data


A second development stage will follow, to provide a full operable demonstrator.

The BRE 2 demonstrator is ready to collect the needed research data. The existing CarSharing system was replaced by the newly developed ZET system. This includes the change of the in-vehicle system within the EVs, the development of a new fleet management system and the deployment of a new CarSharing customer frontend (ZET App).

The new system is able to:

  • Collect baseline research data
  • Provide an optimized CarSharing Service to Customers
  • Provide real-time information about Public Transport to CarSharing users


As of November 2019 – after a series of adjustments – a real-time dataflow test between all system components had been successfully implemented. Since then the BRE 2 demonstrator can be described as fully operable.

Download the Full-scale Pilot Implementation for Car Sharing report >