University of Oslo

University of Oslo


The organization

Founded in 1811, University of Oslo (UiO) is Norway’s oldest and largest public institution of research and higher education. UiO is ranked among the 100 top universities in the world. Five Nobel Prize winners indicate the quality of the research at the University.
The University of Oslo’s Department of Information employs a group called Network and Distributed Systems (ND). This research group focuses i.e. on embedded systems, including Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things, and Wireless Sensor Networks. In the past ND has furthered their research experience to energy related topics like micro grid resilience, demand response, grid-to-vehicle/vehicle-to-grid scheduling, energy big data, and smart grid control and optimisation. Furthermore, ND has experience in energy-efficient communication networks and security in Smart Grids.
UiO is also part of the CoSSMic (Collaborating Smart Solar-powered Microgrids) project. Here, ND developed a learning-based scheduler for end-user loads based on the available renewable energy resources. The scheduling tool allows for more efficient and interactive energy consumption which adapts to human guidelines.

Role in the project

UiO expands and improves the stochastic distributed scheduler developed in the CoSSMic project. Furthermore, UiO develops, characterises, and verifies a battery model that can be used to anticipate energy storage both at the EV level and community level. Finally, UiO participates in the integration and use of the scheduler in the real-time decision support simulations. This will be implemented in the Barcelona pilot.