PNO Consultants BV


The organization

PNO Consultants BV (PNO) focuses on supporting clients in the Transport and Mobility sector. The company aids clients in defining their innovation ambitions and in developing and financing innovation projects. PNO provides support services for innovation processes, technology transfer, and funding for research, development and innovation. With more than 30 years of experience and presence in 6 European countries, PNO is Europe’s largest independent public funding and innovation consultancy. The company assists a wide variety of organizations including small, medium and multinational businesses as well as governments and research institutions. On average, PNO raises 1 Billion Euro per year for its clients to build and deploy new innovation, and create new business opportunities along the value chain.

Role in the project

PNO is responsible for the task “Business Model Design and Prototyping”. This includes stakeholder analysis, organizing and creating business model workshops as well as deploying the former in the pilot sites. PNO is furthermore the leader for “Maximisation of Impact” with the goal to facilitate open communication and knowledge dissemination of the project results.