The organization

The city of Oslo is the capital of Norway with more than 600,000 inhabitants. The municipality employees about 50,000 people and is responsible for numerous city services. Oslo has high ambitions to reduce its carbon footprint and has the goal of 95% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. The city and its metropolitan region inhabit more than 1,5 million people who use a connected transportation system (bike, bus, tram, local train, train). Oslo is awarded for the “European Green Capital 2019”, by the European Commission.
Oslo is often called the EV capital of the World with more than 60,000 electric vehicles (EVs), including 40,000 BEV (Battery Electric Vehicles) and 20,000 PHEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicles) in the wider Oslo area. In 2017, there were approximately 2,000 publicly available normal chargers in Oslo as well as 32 quick chargers. The largest charging facilities are the garages Vulkan (smart charging for 100 EVs) and Akershus fortress (86 EVs).

Role in the project

The city of Oslo is in charge of the Oslo pilot, realising a full-scale demonstration of smart charging in a larger housing association with limited grid capacity. Moreover, Oslo contributes to integrate eMobility into Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP).