Hubject GmbH


The organization

Hubject (HUBJ) was founded in 2012 by leading companies from the energy, technology and automotive industry to provide one common platform for electric vehicle charging. Since then, Hubject has established an open, cross-border charging network for electric vehicles, called “The Intercharge Network”, which allows for real-time information exchange between charge point operators and eMobility service providers all across Europe. This network encompasses more than 270 partners. It offers one single platform and contract to electric vehicle users, therefore improving customers experience.

Role in the project

Hubject plays an important role in the implementation of the charging network and all other related services allowing for a greater network of providers and business-to-business connections. In the all three pilots. Hubject examines the business model potential of Energy Smart Neighbourhoods and constitutes a valuable link between energy providers, charging suppliers and EV users.