Deliverable summary

Electric mobility is a rapidly moving topic area. With many publicly-funded research projects and activities, and a private sector creating innovation across the supply chain. GreenCharge has a unique selling point in its interaction between electric mobility and renewable energy sources. This helps focus down on innovation which best exploits such solutions. GreenCharge also has a focus on sustainable mobility, which also helps define an interest in modes of transport such as shared mobility and the efficient production and use of energy.

Purpose of Innovation News & Updates

This deliverable explains a workable process for the Innovation Manager to collect information from, and exchange information between the inside and outside of the GreenCharge project. Priority areas for knowledge transfer have been identified. This includes how the charging system interfaces with the availability of energy. And how innovations can be introduced in practical terms within the framework of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. GreenCharge’s Uptake Cities Group provides a key reference point for knowledge exchange in this regard.

Mechanisms such as a publicly available innovation post box, alongside conferences and meetings with related projects, are methods GreenCharge will use to understand and bind itself to ongoing innovation in the field. GreenCharge will use the range of opportunities to interact internally within the project. This way we identify, analyse and integrate innovation internally, including via emails, calls and face to face meetings between partners. Primary outlets to communicate innovation from inside and outside of the project include the project website and its newsletter. It is supported by other activities in Work Package 8 relating to communication, dissemination and exploitation.

Innovation from within the project is managed through a mechanism for agreeing the level of protection that should be afforded to new ideas and technologies. Through a register of Intellectual Property Rights, so as much of the content from the project as possible remains open or has a fair way of being accessed to enhance the value and replicability on a broader scale of what GreenCharge offers in terms of innovative solutions for truly sustainable electric mobility.

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