Deliverable summary 5.1 & 6.1

This report presents the methodology designed to evaluate the effect of innovation (Deliverable 5.1) and the stakeholder acceptance (Deliverable 6.1) about the integrated technologies and business models introduced by the GreenCharge project.

The presented methodology is based on the CIVITAS evaluation framework. This is introduced in the document, and is specialized according to the GreenCharge requirements.

The reader will identify in this document an easy and direct way the “measures” put in place by GreenCharge in the different Pilots and how they will be evaluated. In particular, this document provides an extensive list of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). And which KPI will be evaluated in each Pilot to provide a quantitative estimation of impact of technology innovation.

The users will find KPIs which belong to the CIVITAS evaluation framework, and new defined KPIs, which are relevant to e-mobility innovation.

Three evaluation methodologies will be used to estimate KPIs:

  1. 1. Evaluation based on automatic computation from data collected in Pilots

  2. 2. Evaluation based on simulation

  3. 3. Evaluation based on analysis of surveys and interviews delivered to involved stakeholders and volunteers.

The report describes both for project partners and for interested readers respectively how to deliver and how to present evaluation results. The detailed schedule of data collection and evaluation activities have been planned in collaboration with implementation activities.

Finally, a preliminary requirement analysis of simulation and a dashboard design for KPIs presentation are discussed.

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