Deliverable summary

This deliverable presents the first version of the GreenCharge Data Management Plan (DMP) and describes:

  • The guiding principles for data management in the project

  • The legal framework constituted by the General Data Protection Directive (GDPR)

  • Data Summary: Overview of what data will be gathered and processed in the project

  • – How data will be stored and processed according to the H2020 FAIR Data Management principles, making data: findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable.

  • Resource allocation: The costs of making data FAIR in this project

  • Data Security: How we intend to keep the data secure

  • Ethical aspects: A summary of the ethics and privacy strategy in GreenCharge


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Purpose of Data Management Plan

The purpose of the DMP is to contribute to good data handling through indicating what research data the project expects to generate. And describe which parts of the data can be shared with the public. Furthermore, it gives instructions on naming conventions, metadata structure, storing of the research data and how to make public data available.

During the 36 active months of the project, a SharePoint site will be used as the online working and collaboration platform. SharePoint is only accessible to project participants and can provide further access control through establishing folders and sub-sites with stricter access granted than to the main site. During the project all anonymised (public) datasets will be uploaded to this site and stored in accordance with the ethics and privacy strategy of GreenCharge. Non-anonymised datasets will be stored locally by the designated Data Controllers for the three pilot sites, and not shared or distributed in any way to others. Metadata will be added to all datasets, and instructions on how to upload research data is provided.

GreenCharge will use the open research data repository Zenodo to comply with the Horizon 2020 Open Access Mandate. This mandate applies to the underlying research data of publications, but beneficiaries can also voluntarily make other datasets open. In GreenCharge, all deliverables, publications and the anonymous parts of the underlying datasets will be uploaded to the H2020 GreenCharge Community as well as the European Commission Funded Research (OpenAIRE) Community in Zenodo.

Uploads will be done upon approval of the deliverables by the European Commission, upon publication or acceptance of scientific publications, or, for underlying datasets, at the end of the project at the latest. Each dataset will be given a persistent identifier (Digital Object Identifier, DOI), supplied with relevant metadata and linked to the project name and grant agreement number. Publications and underlying research data will be linked to a Creative Commons license which regulate reuse.

Data security arrangements are defined for the SharePoint site and Zenodo. Ethical aspects related to data collection, generation and sharing have been considered and nothing in this project shall be deemed to require a party to breach any mandatory statutory law under which the party is operating. This includes any national or European regulations, rules and norms regarding ethics in conducting research.

The DMP is a living document and will be updated at the end of the project to reflect the actual research data generated during the project and include updated instructions for how to access open data. Day-to-day data management and monitoring will be done using an online list in the SharePoint site that will be continuously updated to reflect actual data generation. The maintenance of this list is the responsibility of the Project Coordinator, supported by the Data Controllers, the task leader for Task 5.3, and the Work Package (WP) leader of WP9 Ethics.

Download the Data Management Plan >