Deliverable summary

This deliverable describes the action plan regarding dissemination and exploitation of GreenCharge results, innovations and concepts, together with progress on communications activities.

The dissemination and exploitation strategy is largely based on what was described in the proposal and GA, but with some refinements arising from business model work. It is based on use of an IPR registry, and a clear distinction between dissemination, exploitation and communication. Value chains and innovation types are used as a way to structure the plan. Current work makes use of an uptake cities group and local reference groups to ensure coverage of stakeholder requirements.

A list of the project’s KERs (Key Exploitable Results) is provided. It is organised according to the five main result types of the project. For results of a technological nature, target TRLs are also shown, based on an approximate schedule. Further information on the KERs, including IPR information and KER-specific exploitation plans is provided in separate, confidential documentation.

There have been extensive communication activities in the project, including establishment of an active website with sections targeted at different groups, use of social media and production of regular newsletters. The deliverable provides information on the way in which these have been used up to this stage in the project.

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