Deliverable summary

In this description the various components that are needed for prototyping the use cases in the Bremen pilot are listed and assessed regarding their level of importance for the pilot, their respective readiness, and the options that are envisaged for their integration, when the full-scale pilot starts in September 2019.

The components are described in the following 2 sections:

  • h/w (Hardware) comprising charging stations, EV fleet (incl. CarSharing computers), and electric energy supply via on-site solar power and buffer battery storage;
  • s/w (Software) comprising 2 back-end solutions (SmartCharge, gridctrl.ENCORE), a CarSharing booking app (GTS), and Software for automatic data collection (GTS and Otakeys).

Regarding h/w, the most important items are the 6 charging stations, which partially still need upgrading to participate in the demonstration process. Adaptable backend- and frontend-s/w (SmartCharge) has to be integrated and must connect to the energy management system and the in-car services provided by the EV-fleet operator.

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