Deliverable summary

This document explains the communication strategy of the project and presents the contribution and cooperation expected from the partners. The aim of the Communication Strategy and Plan is to ensure a well-balanced communication towards the target audiences, the media and the public to achieve GreenCharge’s project objectives. The Communication Strategy and Plan starts with general information about the communication objectives and strategy as well as internal and external communication. For all communication actions it is essential to refer to the H2020 funding by the EU and to the CIVITAS network for cities dedicated to cleaner and better transport in Europe and beyond.

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The GreenCharge strategy

The GreenCharge strategy covers the key audiences. There are three defined value chains (charging, energy, electric vehicles), academic institutions, cities and policy makers and the public/society in general and their key messages. GreenCharge key messages are:

  • – Existing grid capacity at housings can be equipped with charging points.

  • – GreenCharge stakeholders can reduce their energy bill and do something good for the environment.

  • – Through GreenCharge, smart grid providers can see a market opportunity in ESNs. Working closely together with other parties in optimising grid load and charging pricing can be a win-win situation for all, EV users included.

  • – GreenCharge ensures that citizens’ quality of life will be improved, if less pollutants and less noise accrue with more people using EVs.

Special communication planning tools will be developed to manage, monitor and report about all activities. The central source for information is the GreenCharge website for the general public and the SharePoint Intranet for consortium members. Communication tools include also social media accounts (Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, vimeo), brochures, presentations, lectures of students and academics, a video, webinars, websites and social media of project partners. The content will be presented in newsletters, publications, press-releases and external and self-organised events.

GreenCharge will cooperate and exploit synergies with other groups like initiatives to facilitate the exchange of best practices and the deployment of new technologies at the local (city) level (e.g. the Covenant of Mayors, the Smart Cities and Communities European Innovation Partnership and the CIVITAS initiative), the EU Platform on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans and the European Alternative Fuels Observatory.

From this strategy, a general communication plan that involves activities of all project partners throughout the entire project will be produced. A yearly detailed plan will be prepared to better coordinate the activities of the consortium. The deliverable also gives advice to partners on how to use the main social media channels. Finally, the document also presents an overview of events in which the project members will be represented. Project members have identified a clear set of key performance indicators to evaluate the performance of the communication activities.

This document may be revised after formal delivery, and/or augmented with separate mechanisms for detailed information (such as tables and lists stored in the cooperation tool used by the consortium). Any such revisions will be made available on request.

Download the Communication Strategy and Plan >