Deliverable summary

Within the GreenCharge project, Oslo is one out of three pilot sites. In the Oslo pilot, there is a particular focus on providing cost efficient home charging facilities for inhabitants living in blocks of flats.
This report is the implementation plan for the demonstration activities to be implemented in the Oslo pilot. The implementation plan is based on the defined use cases and the overall technical requirements from D2.3 “Description of Oslo Pilot and User Needs”. The selected use cases for the Oslo pilot are:

– Use Case #1: Normal charging in the garage
– Use Case #2: Long-term parking (Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) possibilities) in the garage
– Use Case #3: Drop-in charging
– Use Case #4: Charging with booking

Use cases #1 and #2 are related to charging within a common parking garage, while use cases #3 and #4 are related to use of existing semi-fast chargers placed outdoor. To implement use cases #1 and #2 new technical installations are needed inside the parking garage.

Based on the use cases the target user groups have been identified. For charging within the common parking garage, the target users are residents of the Røverkollen housing cooperative owning an electric vehicle (EV). For charging at the outdoor chargers, the following target users have been identified:

a. Visitors and guests of residents at Røverkollen (arrives occasionally)
b. Taxis (arrives occasionally)
c. Staff of the school that is located next to Røverkollen (might arrive on a daily basis)
d. Residents at Røverkollen that need to have a faster charging speed than what is available within the garage (arrives occasionally)

The different use cases are used to provide input to implementation and interoperability requirements, and thereby to the selection of hardware and software:

The Oslo pilot shall be operational in September 2019, but will be revised on the course of the project based on intermediate evaluations and possibly new innovations identified.

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