Deliverable summary

In this document we describe for the Bremen pilot the requirements and current planning regarding implementation and operation of charging systems for electric vehicles (EV) combined to photovoltaic (PV) energy supply and public transport.

In the previous D2.9 the pilot site Bremen has been described in detail and 4 use cases have been defined. These use cases are covering some of the proposed GreenCharge scenarios with the following 2 typical situations often found in the context with EV charge management:

• Firstly, business areas create commuter traffic. An increasing number of involved EV’s is expected. This brings about driver needs regarding charging at the workplace using PV supply coupled to stationary energy storage.
• Secondly, combining the charging needs for shared EVs with EVs owned by private residents and/or with public transport aspects are challenging, because many types of users and stakeholders are involved.

To reflect these 2 situations in the pilot, 2 suitable “combi-sites” in Bremen have been chosen consisting of

a. station-based EV-sharing sites (2) for testing use cases relevant for public users and
b. private (corporate) sites (4) to implement business-related use cases with employees.

It is outlined, which of these 6 charging stations still need modification/reconfiguration in order to start the pilot in 08/2019 (M12). Currently, for a) and b) 2 different backend solutions are operational.
The following technical requirements must be considered for implementation:

• Technical real-time data from both the charging points and the shared EV’s with individual time resolution must be acquired and stored locally.
• The interoperability must be realized between car-fleet management system and charge management system (charging station backends) – at least. Further options are also described, while having a lower priority in the implementation process.
• User interfaces (UI) are needed for all use cases. The running booking App of Move-About is the only UI in operation for the involved shared EV’s and couples to the EV-fleet management system. Additional channels of direct communication between EV user and charging station must be implemented.

To meet these requirements, respective Hardware and Software (backends, Apps, Aggregator) must be adjusted for the 6 charging stations. The involved h/w and s/w components are listed and justified. They will be described in detail in D2.11 (pilot component preparation).

Moreover, the most important results of the first stakeholder workshop held in Bremen 06.12.2018 were considered, when defining the initial steps needed for implementation of the Bremen pilot as part of a GreenCharge system.

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